Tympani Smart Thermometer

The Tympani Smart Thermometer is an infrared ear thermometer that works in conjunction with the Caring Things app for iOS and Android devices. This small thermometer reads the temperature of the tympanic membrane (eardrum) inside the ear canal in approximately two seconds. The Tympani thermometer is appropriate for all ages and is designed to prevent damage from over insertion. You can easily track the temperatures of multiple family members via the Caring Things app. Because as all parents know, illnesses can take down entire families at once, and even if there is one child left standing you end up closely monitoring his or her health in attempt to ward off any oncoming illness. Since the Tympani works in conjunction with a smart device, it does not require batteries which is a definite bonus, because your thermometer’s batteries never lose charge at a time when you can easily get to the store.

Caring Things Tympani Thermometer

Thermometer with extension cord attached

It took less than 5 minutes to get up and running with the Tympani thermometer. The most time-consuming portion was loading the Caring Things App onto my iOS device. Once loaded, I could quickly take the temperature of anyone in my family. In a few additional minutes, I was able to create profiles for each family member so temperatures could be individually tracked if desired. The creation of profiles is completely optional, but could be useful when tracking multiple temperatures as the time of the reading is automatically recorded. Additionally you can add any symptoms along with the reading. I can see where this would be especially useful for a nanny or babysitter to communicate with parents, especially when the person taking care of the child may not be the one taking him or her to the physician.

All four of my kids, ages ranging from 5 to 10 years, prefer having their temperatures taken with the Tympani thermometer over a traditional oral thermometer. They thought it was more comfortable than keeping a thermometer in their mouth for several minutes and liked that it only took a few seconds for a reading. I found the Tympani to be as consistent as our oral thermometer when taking temperatures. If I took multiple readings, they typically varied within one degree which is similar to what I find with our oral thermometer.

Although I had consistent readings with all four of my kids, I found that one of my ears could vary up to two degrees depending on positioning. My other ear did not allow for as much variation as my ear canal seems smaller on that side. Although there are specific instructions for placement for the best reading, it can be difficult to visualize if you have the correct placement. I could not get consistent readings in my husband’s ears as he has some misshapen ears due to sports injuries (he also has difficulty using ear buds just to give you an idea of the degree to which they are misshapen).

The Tympani thermometer can also take surface temperature readings. We had a lot of fun taking readings of various objects around our home. However, I can see this could be a useful tool when preparing bottles and baths for younger children.

tympani thermometer caring things

Love the sturdy, small case

Overall, my family really likes the Tympani thermometer. The biggest pros are:

  • quick readings (approximately 1 second)
  • comfortable ear piece
  • no batteries required
  • easily stored in case
  • App allows for tracking multiple people’s temperatures and symptoms over time

The cons are

  • less consistent readings in larger, or misshapen ear canals
  • requires connection to iOS or Android device
  • must load Caring Things app onto device, using memory

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to review this device. You can find more information about Tympani and Caring Things here.


****Disclosure: I received a Tympani for my family in exchange for my honest review of the product. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. The opinions in this post are mine as a wife and mother and can in no way be taken as medical advice. I may receive commission from affiliate links on this post.****

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