Kayaking Adventure with Breakaway Excursions

My kids love almost any outdoor activity, especially if that activity involves water! So when some of our friends asked us to join them on a kayaking adventure with Breakaway Excursions we jumped at the opportunity for this outdoor adventure.

cuyahoga river kayak

Breakaway Excursions is a mobile company, and they trailer their kayaks to different locations daily. Which means if you have a large group or a favorite place to paddle, they can customize your trip to meet your needs. However, they also have a typical weekly schedule of locations. You can find their typical schedule here. Our group of 22, enjoyed the Monday, Cuyahoga River trip.

Upon meeting Doug and his crew in Kent, I was immediately impressed with the cleanliness of their entire operation. The kayaks were clean and the life jackets were both clean free of mold/mildew. I actually had our life jackets in the trunk of my car because I know how sensitive to odors my kids can be and knew paddling in a stinky life jacket could ruin the entire experience for them (and me). However, I did not need to open the truck as the life jackets provided with the kayak rental were well-maintained and odor-free.

Our group ranged in age from 5 years old through adult, and Breakaway Excursions had kayak options to meet everyone’s needs. Their small kayaks very maneuverable and were perfect for the kids. Most of the adults used a medium kayak. However, we had 2 tandem (2 person) kayaks in our group that the kids rotated through when they needed a little break from paddling. If you have multiple young kids in the group, I would highly suggest at least one tandem for any trip over an hour for breaks.

cuyahoga river kayak

Before heading out, Breakaway Excursions conducted a quick-start lesson on kayaking. This lesson was more than adequate to get everyone in our group feeling confident on the water in a couple of minutes. However, Breakaway Excursions offers kayaking skills classes taught in accordance with the American Canoe Association standards for those who plan on taking up kayaking as a regular activity or want to improve their efficiency in the water.

cuyahoga river canoe

There were several areas along the river that the group could take a break when needed. It was easy to pull the kayaks onto shore and enjoy a few refreshments before hitting the river again.


The medium, large, and tandem kayaks have a fabulous storage area for any snacks or lunch you want to bring on your trip. There were also bungee cords on all the kayaks to secure water bottles onto the boats. Be sure to bring a watertight bag for your cellphone and electronic car keys. A ziplock bag placed inside a larger bag works fine for this (although I would opt for the more durable freezer-type bag).

Our trip was scheduled to last 4 hours, and the actual trip took just slightly longer than this due to having several children and taking multiple breaks. We all had a blast paddling down the river, singing, and splashing one another.

cuyahoga river kayak

If you choose to take a kayaking adventure with Breakaway Excursions, I would suggest you pack the following:

  1. Snacks or lunch for along the river
  2. Water bottles for the trip as well as some cold water bottles in a cooler in your car for when you finish
  3. Dry clothes for after your adventure
  4. Watertight bags for any electronics
  5. Watershoes (flip-flops are not recommended)
  6. An empty bag for your trash
  7. Apply sunscreen before your adventure, and as needed

We are looking forward to a 10% discount on our next kayaking adventure with Breakaway Excursions. We earned this through their Environmental Stewardship Incentive where if you pick up extra trash along the shoreline or in the water, you earn an extra 10% discount on your next individual kayak rental.

Breakaway Excursions makes kayaking fun and accessible for even the most novice paddler. Doug and his crew will expertly guide you to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Happy kayaking!




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