Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern

Happy Dog Euclid Tavern ClevelandWe have been eager to try Happy Dog ever since reading about it in Cleveland Scene’s Top 15 Cleveland Kid-Friendly Restaurants for Parents to Eat Out (and Most Importantly) Drink. We chose the Euclid Tavern location as it is closer to our home and made for a great place to have lunch prior to  venturing to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for the afternoon. Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern is minutes away from the museums in University Circle making it an ideal location for a pre- or post- museum meal.

Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern is a neighborhood bar. It definitely looks and feels like a local watering hole. Inside it is dark and can be a little loud. The upside to this is that if your children are a little rambunctious, they will not be disturbing anyone’s meals. In the evenings there is often live music, so check the schedule especially if your children do not like loud noises. However, some of their performances such as classical music from Classical Revolution Cleveland or polka music may be right up your family’s alley. I think given that this is a neighborhood bar close to a college campus, lunch is absolutely the ideal time to dine at Happy Dog with kids.

Happy Dog Menu

The individual paper menus make ordering a blast!

Everyone at Happy Dog orders by filling our their own individual paper menu. My kids LOVED this. Hotdogs are $6, no matter how many toppings you add. It is fabulous not to have to watch your kids like a hawk as the run up the bill ordering $20 hotdogs. There are 30….yes, you read that right 30 different topping choices. There is everything from the traditional like chili, caramelized onions, and pickles to the extremely unusual like “Froot” Loops, SpaghettiOs, chunky peanut butter, and a fried egg! I highly suggest you try the “Alien” pickle relish. It is bright, bright green and super tasty!

In addition to the 30 toppings, there are 20 different sauces available. I would suggest ordering your sauces on the side as they my not blend as well you may like with your hotdog toppings…especially if you order “Froot” Loops. The ketchup is a house-recipe and has a very unique taste. I think it was excellent. However, if you kids are used to Heinz, it may not suit their pallets. We ended up scraping the “Froot” Loop and ketchup combo off my youngest’s hotdog because she did not like the flavor combo (but really can you blame her?).

Happy Dog Cleveland

Classic All-Beef Hotdog with Pimento Mac-N-Cheese, Potato Stix, “Froot” Loops, and a Fried Egg

Happy Dog Cleveland

Classic All-Beef Hotdog with Pimento Mac-N-Cheese, “Froot” Loops, and House-Recipe Ketchup









In addition to all-beef or veggie hotdogs, Happy Dog serves taters in both tot and fry forms. The tater servings are large enough for 2-3 people. We unknowingly each ordered our own tater and feasted off the leftovers for several days. The tater baskets are $3 and toppings are $1, so this is a place where you can really up your bill if you don’t watch the topping count. However, they are very generous with the amount of toppings they serve (there are 11 different tater toppings), and there are unlimited free sauces with the taters. I particularly loved the black truffle honey mustard.

Happy Dog Cleveland

Tots with Pimento Mac-N-Cheese

Happy Dog Cleveland

Tots with Hilly’s Chili

Happy Dog Cleveland

Tots with Mozzarella Cheese

We definitely give Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern two thumbs up! It is an incredibly fun and tasty dining experience for all ages. I can’t wait to return and try some more flavor combinations!

Happy Dog Cleveland

Inside Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern

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