Halloween Pumpkin Treats

Last year I made these quick healthy-ish treats for my daughter’s 4th grade class. They were super-quick and the kids LOVED them.

halloween snack

You will need Dole Mandarin Oranges in Orange Gel. You could also use the individually packed mandarin oranges. However, the mandarin orange packages do not have the nice rounded bottom that the mandarin oranges in gel have, so you won’t get the same rounded pumpkin shape. Additionally, the gel gives these little pumpkin treats a nice uniform orange color.


I then used some paint markers to free hand some cute little jack-o-lantern faces on the upside-down orange gel containers. You could also use Sharpie markers, but you may get a little bit of smearing. The paint markers dry quickly and give a darker black face.

Halloween Treat

I then cut the handles on the green plastic spoons a bit shorter just for appearance. I used a serrated knife to make a groove in the spoon handles then bent them and they easily broke apart. A few spoons ended up with sharp edges which I filed down a bit.

I then taped the spoons onto the back of the gel containers with some orange duct tape and tied a bow onto spoon and voilà!

Halloween Treat

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