Groundhog Day Pancakes


Groundhog Day Pancake

My kids love fun holiday pancakes.  I first made this one for Groundhog Day about 5 years ago. I thought I got the inspiration from Jim’s Pancakes, but I checked the webpage and did not see it. However if you are looking for some mind-blowing pancakes, check out Jim’s Pancakes. His pancakes are engineering masterpieces.


Twin Groundhogs Pancakes

Here is a picture of the version I made about 4 years ago. I definitely think the ones I made this morning are much cuter. For the originals I used maraschino cherries cut in half for the cheeks, mini chocolate chips for the eyes, and a regular chocolate chip for the nose. I then drew the mouth with a black food coloring marker.

For today’s pancake, I used Bisquick Heart Smart and followed the recipe for pancakes on the side of the package. I started with the goundhog pancakes by spooning 2 large circles of batter onto the griddle to make what looked like a 2 ball snowman. I then added 2 small spoons of batter on top for the ears.  I cooked them as you would a regular pancake. It’s best if you use a large spatula so they don’t break while flipping.

After the groundhogs were complete, I made the dirt mounds.  I added a heaping Tablespoon of Penzey’s Cocoa Powder and 2 Tablespoons of sugar to the pancake batter.  My son suggested that next year I also add some mini chocolate chips for a more realistic dirt look. I think he just wants more chocolate, but I do agree that it would look great!. Then I spread a long oval of the batter onto the griddle trying to keep one side of the oval a bit flat. You have to make the dirt mounds much longer than you would think. I had to make a second batch of the “dirt” pancakes because the first weren’t wide enough for a hole.  After these pancakes were complete, I used kitchen shears to cut a hole across the center and slid the groundhog pancake in.

To decorate the groundhog, I used strawberry pieces for the ears and banana slices for the cheeks. I had some Nestle Toll house Holiday Morsels in the pantry and the red ones worked perfectly for the nose. I think a small slice of strawberry or a raspberry would also look  adorable.The eyes are regular chocolate chips.

You should have heard the delightful giggles when the kids came downstairs this morning. There was not a crumb left on their plates!

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