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My three younger kids and I recently enjoyed lunch at B Spot on Chagrin Blvd in Woodmere. We love eating here as a family. The food is fabulous and the kids’ menu is a great value. Although the kids’ menu is printed on the side of the main menu, there is also a paper version with the typical kid-friendly coloring and game activities they give kids along with 3 crayons.


Seriously, look at all these great offerings for only $5.99. My only wish is that there were more topping choices for the mini burger. My foodie 8-year-olds typically end up making a selection off the adult menu in order to satisfy their adventurous palates. I mean who can resist a Lola Burger topped with a sunny side up egg, bacon, pickled red onions and cheddar cheese?!?!

However, when I could convince my 8-year-olds to eat from the children’s menu they always chose the side salad. I wish I could have talked my five-year-old into ordering it so I could have taken a picture to show you. This salad is HUGE and the vegetables were always fresh and crisp.

My five-year old ordered the grilled cheese with a side of french fries. The side of fries are topped with kosher salt, not rosemary like the Lola fries. However, I verified with our server that you can substitute the Lola fries for the thin-cut fries in the kids’ meals if you would like. My kids now all prefer the Lola fries, they truly are delicious!


Lola Fries note the Rosemary


Kids Grilled Cheese Meal with Fries – no rosemary








One of the unique favorites at B Spot is their pickle bar. My older kids love tasting the variety of pickled items and seeing how they taste with their food. Their favorite pickle is Tony Packo’s Sweet Hot Pickle. I must say that growing up in Northwest Ohio, I love that they love this pickle Every time I see them it brings back great memories of visiting Tony Packo’s in Toledo as a child and looking at all those autographed hot dog buns. The other favorite from the pickle bar are Michael Symon’s Pickled Red Onions. They are great on almost any burger or by themselves on the side. Be prepared the pickled jalapenos and pickled banana peppers are spicy, especially the jalapenos. So guide your kids appropriately with these selections.


The Pickle Bar

One thing I greatly appreciate at any restaurant when dining with kids are lots of napkins. B Spot does not disappoint. A basket of condiments and a large roll of paper towels are on every table in a perfect symbiotic relationship, one to create the messes the other to clean them!


Condiments and Paper Towels on Every Table

The kids’ meals end with a mini cupcake.  I did find it odd that the cupcake arrived at our table in our server’s hand without a plate.  I do not remember this happening in the past.  A plate would be nice and the cupcake would not arrive to the table smooshed (I did unsmoosh the cupcake prior to taking the photo). However, the mini cupcake is just the right amount of dessert to end a delicious meal.


Mini Cupcake for Dessert

A few additional great perks about B Spot dining with kids. First they have many seating options available for any need: booster seats, high chairs, and infant seat cradles. The atmosphere is casual and on the louder side so your little ones definitely won’t be seen as a disruption to other diners.

My oldest is already lobbying for lunch at B Spot in two weeks. We can’t wait to return.


Update: On our most recent visit to B Spot the mini cupcake arrived in a small bowl.  Much more appealing.

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